How we work

iNDALP work for Website, Software, Product, Business, SMEs and Service categories

is Important that the development process is clear and the customer and the developer of the most productive ways to work together allows. The following key steps in the development process, we will work with you through the description.

    1. Requirements

      – First, we work with you to find out what it is you want from your website needs. This is what the website for the business goals, which are the visitors to your website you will be able to do what they want to be, in terms of image branding or existing website should look and how you want to present and will include any technical requirements you may have.

    1. Material / Content

      – Once we have your needs, we will need to go to your website, such as whether the content can view text, images, downloads, videos, Flash. Material requirements will be notified by a message to this audience as (s) you want to communicate and take prompt action will be required.

    1. Structure

      – Now we know what the structure of the material and decide what we need pages and how they should be grouped and linked together is going to start. For complex sites, we traveled separately could take a visitor through your website could look at.

    1. Design / Plan

      – The design phase has been finalized before the structure can begin, but once it happened and we know what the pages will be there and what will be on them, we finished in the end what you will look like the website can give an idea.

  1. Construction / Build

    – Once we have finalized the content and the structure and design of your website pages that we can begin to build.